The amazing world of video game competitions

Awesome Is not? We are sure that many people seeing only 30 first seconds would not have guessed that this is the end ofa video game championship. It is normal, much of society might not be aware of the magnitude that these events are reached international level. That is why in this post we acercaros more about this world and everything around him. Sure after reading it you will see the game through different eyes.


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History sports (name used to designate video game competitions) It dates back to 1972, when the alleged first competition of this kind took place, Stanford University with the game Spacewar, that as a reward for subscription had
year magazine Rolling Stones. So to speak, this would be the germ of the first major video game tournament to be held in 1980. Its about Space Invaders Champioship organized by Atari, which housed more of 10.000 people.  Later they came the internet appeared first competitions online. But really the modern concept of sports It born at the beginning of the XXI century, when they increase such tournaments and prizes are increased thanks to sponsors. From that moment, these competitions do not stop growing, video game players are increasingly professionalized and televisions are interested retransmit e-Sports.Today this issue has increasingly impact and there are several indicators that seem to ensure growth of this sector in the future.


Did you know that there have been video game competitions that have gathered over 66.000 spectators in football stadiums?

Did you know that in the final of League of Legends -LOL- It was surpassed in hearing to the opening ceremony of the last Olympic Games?

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Today, data levels of hearing e-Sportsscare. Some of these events end, like the League of Legends They can exceed other major sports leagues late as the NBA terms-in terms of audience in US-. All large end of the previous editions League of Legends World Championship They have exceeded 30 million viewers in hearing online. Heeding these figures is not surprising that the sponsors are alert to this new opportunity, projecting a clear growth trend. He value of the prizes which are divided grossly has also increased in recent years, which leads many players to rethink their hobby as a profession. For example, Dota championship 2 called The International They were exceeded 18 millions of dollars prize. The winner team, Evil Geniuses, got 6,5 millions dollars to be distributed among 5 players. In total last year generated more than 86 millions only dollars in prizes. In this regard the aforementioned LoL and DOTA 2 They are covering the vast majority of the allocations awards worldwide. Although we must also take into account the incursion Counter Strike: Global Offensive.


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In countries like South Korea players e-Sports They are authentic mass idols. But of course, We are talking about a country where Starcraft is considered National sport.  In Spain the professionals involved are scarcer to e-Sports, but we have cases like Carlos Rodriguez (Ocelote) which he himself has declared can earn more than 700.000 euros per year.

But How you can reach that figure? A prize competitions must be added the salary received your computer, broadcasts of their games on the internet, advertising contracts and “merchandising”. Another case that could highlight is the Enrique Murciano Martinez, alias XPeke, which reached the semifinals last World Championship League of Legends. One of the biggest difficulties of these insurance players has been to convince his family and playing environment “maquinitas” They were going to get a living.

The impact and recognition of players and competitions e-Sports They are helping the TV Broadcasts. In countries like Sweden even public television broadcasting has now long tournaments of this type. In Spain, moment, competitions can be followed e-Sports across platforms online as O twitch.


But Why they attract so many viewers these competitions? How is it possible to see other people play videogames can call much attention? The truth is that e – Sports They thrive on narrative used in sports broadcasting.  Presentations of light and speaker, narrating with enthusiasm each of the plays commentators or cameras rapid alternation between public, players and the game are just some of these features. This factor coupled with the large number of consumers of games that exist in our society form a perfect cocktail to attract masses. The levels of professionalism they are acquiring both players and the organization of e-Sports It is helping to gradually not to any other elite sport level differs show. If, as we have said the format is attractive and broadcasters and sponsors are increasingly interested, success is assured.


We hope that for those who do not be familiar with the world of e-Sports This article will whet your appetite to learn more, and for those who already are experts on the subject we hope your comments or contributions. From LEVERADE we offer the possibility of create tournaments  game as FIFA, Lol, Call of Duty or Counter Strike and others. We encourage you to make your most exciting competitions. Remember that You make the game!

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